Go deeper still

Sit quietly amidst your thoughts and dreams and let your Soul speak to you. Find the inner voice of your Soul wisdom and listen to it.

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Going up another level

In order to see the bigger picture we need to leave the familiar, we need to escape our reality as we currently are experiencing it and leap into an unknown universe of possibility. Where life itself is transient, open, limitless.

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In the stillness of water

Stillness Speaks "In the stillness of water Lies the truth of all existence. Still and quiet, Yet bountiful, In sheer magnitude of the greatness of being"  - Charity Amy Murphy...

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The Art of Meditation

Using the sacred chant of OM is very powerful, as it awakens the higher realms within us while helping us to become more grounded in our own being.

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Making tomorrow, today

Making tomorrow “today” means we make the changes we want “now”and we live in the positive and build on our abilities to empower and fuel our true selves into the vision of what and who we are.

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