Charity Amy Murphy – Burgau Moon Rock

“Sometimes we need to go up another level to move great distances… Just like an plane lifts off, leaving the familiar land behind…it takes off into a new dimension in order to travel to a new destination.

In order to see the bigger picture we need to leave the familiar, we need to escape our reality as we currently are experiencing it and leap into an unknown universe of possibility. Where life itself is transient, open, limitless.
When you leave the inner walls of your current mind-scape and embrace the consciousness and expansiveness of your Soul, you allow your being to breathe. And as you lift above your nodes of experiences you connect with your Higher-Mind to see the reality and the consciousness that is within you.
See the bigger picture, see the path ahead as a means to freedom and set yourself free from the burdens that have until now been allowed to exist in your mind, in your heart, your spirit, and your Soul.
Step out of the old, the stuck, the limited, and affirm your Self as a powerful, purposeful being who has the vision and capacity to lead the life you call for deep in the heart of your being.
Lift yourself above the playing field and like a plane who needs to travel great distances, move yourself into a different atmosphere and explore your creative, spiritual, limitless Self.
 – Charity Amy Murphy –

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