Learning through self awareness to be in touch with our real feelings and honest thoughts as we are actually experiencing them helps to move us forward in our destiny. This ability to be self aware will govern exactly how you are going to act and react to situations and people in your life. But most importantly it will determine what you will choose to accept and what you will cast out for clearing or simply letting go.

Destiny is there waiting if we can take the courage to see it and get out of our own way. It takes courage, it takes fortitude, it takes focus and it takes an open and willing heart. Have you got what it takes to live a life you truly dream of. One that asks you to let down your guards and step out of the cocoon you have created around yourself to keep yourself safe!

There are no safe places only safe people. Align yourself with people you love, people you trust and begin this next chapter of your Soul journey with passion, with joy and with a great and powerful sense of adventure. Your greatest moments are yet to come!

The time is Now.


Charity Amy Murphy


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