Mindfulness and meditation helps to improve our ability to take things in our stride and be comfortable with our own self, reduce stress and find balance in a busy world. It enhances our ability to be fully present and to build our own sense of personal power. Meditation and mindfulness practices are proven to aid creativity and build progressive positive thinking.

Mindfulness sessions include:

Deep relaxation and body scan

Mindfulness practice

positive intention

Grounding and Centering Breath work



Charity’s Corporate work


  • For more info or to book a consultation with Charity email: info@charityamymurphy.net
  • Charity is an Internationally qualified hatha yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance International and SYM yoga school
  • Reiki and Energy Master
  • Life and wellness coach

Websites:Charityamymurphy.net & Soultimetherapy.com

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