Meditating is the act of simply being still,

Still in our thoughts, still in our emotions, our worries and still in our ego. For when we are still we allow a channel to open that connects us with our Higher Selves. In this state we are free to exist in the realms of consciousness and with practice we can use this space to bring healing and awareness to our Soul.

There are many ways in which to meditate. Some people like to use guided meditations. Others use mantra or sacred verse to help ease their mind and bring themselves into stillness. Everything in this world holds a vibration and flow of consciousness. Allowing stillness to emerge within allows you to align with the vibration and flow of consciousness that is within us all. Therefore allow yourself to slow-down within yourself so that you can feel the resonance of meaning and Truth that lies within the energetic core inherent and alive within each and every act of creation, each and every thought and each and every one of us.

Using the sacred chant of OM is very powerful, as it awakens the higher realms within us while helping us to become more grounded in our own being. To engage in a deep meditation you may like to relax by sitting comfortably with a straight spine and feet flat on the floor, or you may prefer to sit cross-legged while holding your hands either palm up in your lap, in prayer position by your heart or by linking your thumbs and index fingers and resting them in your lap.

Start your meditation by calling in your Higher Self and connecting with your Heart.

Your Heart is the gateway to your Soul;

Learning to live with an open Heart will further assist you as you step back into the Truth of who you are.

Learn to be in your Heart more and more each day, sit with it, hear it and be conscious of it as you bring yourself to stillness and be in meditation. Use this space to ask questions of consciousness and guidance from your Soul and enjoy what comes up for you. Record your findings in your journalĀ  or your diary and carry yourself forward in your own enlightenment.

Always end your meditation by giving thanks for any messages or assistance you receive.

Giving thanks affirms our connection and interconnectedness to the oneness of all that is.

Step into your Soul and find your way back to your Self.

The Beauty of all creation lies within you.

You are a manifestation of your Soul-Self-Truth experiencing the joyful expression of life.


– Charity Amy Murphy –

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