Wellness Workshops and Mini Retreats with Charity Amy Murphy

Charity offers retreats and workshops throughout the year in Ireland and Europe.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Workshops will have a mix of;

Deep relaxation and body scan

Guided meditation

Mindfulness practice

Mindful movement

Grounding and Centering Breath work

Yoga for all…

Sessions will have a mix of;

Yoga principles

sun salutations

core yoga

gentle stretch

deep relaxation

 Positive Intention

Charity’s workshops include; exercises in simple meditation practices to bring focus and stillness within and create greater harmony in mind, body and spirit. Meditation helps to improve our ability to take things in our stride and be comfortable with our own self. It enhances our ability to be fully present and to build our own sense of personal power. Meditation and mindfulness practices are proven to aid creativity and build progressive positive thinking.

  • Each yoga session will include a mix of yoga practices to lift your spirit, strengthen body and mind and fuel your inner energy.
  • Workshops can be run as solo sessions in yoga or mindfulness or combined to offer a longer and deeper practice to enhance well being and vitality.

The space is very relaxing and helps inspire a sense of peace and balance within, cultivating inner wisdom, strength and balance.

for booking and corporate inquires please email


Also coming in the new year…

One Day Workshop with Charity, Dublin, Ireland

 Three Day Workshop with Charity, Europe

20% discount for those that email their interest to be put on the list for further information before January 1st 2019


type 2019 Workshops in the subject box of your email 

email: info@charityamymurphy.net


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