Wellness Workshops and Mini Retreats with Charity Amy Murphy

Charity offers retreats and workshops throughout the year in Ireland and Europe.

Yoga offers a fantastic way to nourish our own selves and take time out of our busy schedules. Charity combines healing yoga poses that enable the intelligence of the body/mind to rekindle and restore balance and well being. Suitable for all levels and ages.

@ wellness workshops and mini retreats dublin

Yoga for all…

Sessions will have a mix of;

Yoga principles

sun salutations

core yoga

gentle stretch

deep relaxation

 Positive Intention

Bespoke Class & Workshop Sample:

Yoga flow Energizing sun salutations warm up the body and prepare the body/mind for a set of core flow sequences that work on building flexibility and inner strength. Each class ends with a deep relaxation leaving you refreshed and renewed. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga & Mindfulness Gentle yoga stretches and flow sequences are set to a beautiful soundtrack of nature sounds and music. Grounding exercises and guided meditation accompany each class to leave you feeling renewed. Suitable for all abilities.

Kundalini yoga and chakra balancing Energy clearing and balancing yoga that combines ‘sun salutation sequences’ with ‘specific core poses’ to open up your chakra and boost your  energy to leave you feeling, grounded, energized and re-vitalized. Suitable for all levels.

Restorative yin yoga Props and cushions can be used to provide optimal comfort to aid the body to relax and heal. This is a gentle stretch class and is suitable for all levels especially those seeking a slower paced and deep relaxation in their practice.

Teen Time yoga and mindfulness Fun yoga poses and grounding exercises to help children find their inner peace and build resilience. Classes include positive affirmations, body scan, deep relaxation, and guided meditation. Suitable for all ages.

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