Hello I am Charity Amy Murphy

Author of Soul-Time Therapy. I am a Social Scientist and an international mind-body-spirit teacher and wellness coach.

Welcome to my website where you can find out more about me and my book SOUL-TIME THERAPY, a time to be still and connect with Soul… I am also delighted to be able to now offers readers access to the new 10 week guidance program: Soul-Time with Charity

In an increasing world of uncertainty it is a gift to be able to give to yourself a space and time to re-connect with yourself and your ‘soul’. To heal anything within that may be holding you back and to reignite your purpose, passion and peace in the world.

Reconnect with your inner strength and find balance

The wisdom contained in these pages is beyond measure. It helped me protect my own energy, find balance, connect with my spirit and find the compassion, love and peace I was looking for. A great read — would definitely recommend picking up a copy. Andrea

A good companion on my way into myself

The book is an excellent companion, helping me to find myself and improve myself in the life I am living in. I found good suggestions how to follow my own development. The book is easy to read and easy to return to. I warmly recommend to anyone who is interested in finding ones Soul. Ulla Vierula


Go Deeper Still…

Sit quietly amidst your thoughts and dreams and let your Spirit fly.

Find the inner voice of your Soul wisdom and listen to it.

Ask it for guidance and allow your Self to hear the whispers that are always there. 

Stay in silence as you learn to give your inner Self the time and attention it so craves 

and when you do, you will find the answers you have been looking for

lying safely within your Heart waiting to be heard.

~ Charity Amy Murphy ~

Charity facilitates yoga, energy healing and spiritual development classes and retreats in Ireland and abroad and is the author of two books ‘Soul-Time Therapy’ and ‘Write it all down, journal of Consciousness’. 

Charity Amy Murphy MA BSsocSc



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