Move with mindfulness – move with grace

Move with Mindfulness, Move with Grace. 

How we move in our world is determined by how we have learned to move in our mind and in our bodies. The body holds everything, It holds memories, thoughts, fear, trauma and stress. The body also can be used to release tension, to invigorate and recharge our internal power systems, our balance, our stamina and our resilience. It also holds joy, emotion, love and peace. Learning to move in harmony in our mind and body enables us to move in harmony in our life and in our relationships.

Having a strong foundation both mentally and physically is crucial in todays world. Having tools to create a strong foundation, enables growth on all levels. A regular practice of body movement coupled with simple mindfulness strategies can give us the building blocks on which to grow in confidence, self-esteem and balance. Through this practice we learn to move in harmony with ourselves and those around us. We understand that it is just as important to learn to listen to ourselves and others with openness and compassion, as it is to be able to flow and be flexible.  Learning key life skills, taking responsibility for our actions and enriching how we communicate leads to a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy outlook on life.

Charity Amy Murphy MA BSSocSc

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