non-profit guidance program


non-profit correspondence self development course – this is an opportunity to deepen your appreciation for life and to give back to the world a gift of love and prosperity.


During the last year having gone through treatment for breast cancer. I have learned so much and that is that love is the most powerful power we have. It lifts us up, it helps us to stay the course, and it lights us with belonging,  I have been very supported and shown kindness and love from complete strangers and from friends and family. I wish to give back and this is my way.

Taking Time for you and sharing the love in your heart. 

Charity now offers readers the opportunity to deepen their “Soul-Time” journey with this guidance support program’.

Each week you will be guided to further your own personal journey with a selection of hand picked exercises, meditations, mantra and affirmations prepared for you by Charity and taken from her years of learning and research for her book.

You will gain valuable feedback and guidance directly from Charity and given a chance in which to share how you are doing 🙂 asking any questions you may have and getting support and personal feedback on how to progress further in your own unique way.

This will all be facilitated through on-line platforms offering flexibility and opportunity of access where ever you are in the world… A wonderful opportunity to deepen your soul journey and take the next step in enhancing your own well-being and spiritual practice. 

Working through each chapter of Soul-Time Therapy you will be offered a time for reflection and a space in which to develop your own understanding of connecting with your Soul, healing your past and engaging in your creative power to manifest a life you truly love.

To register your interest please email Charity and put in the subject line – guidance program


“When we enrich our own lives, we enrich the world. When we bring peace and understanding within we move forward with light and grace. Let this be a time in which you re-set your course and come home to who you truly are, and lets together manifest a world of peace, beauty and joy”

I look forward to connecting with you ♥


Charity xxx


Charity Amy Murphy is the author of the book, ‘Soul-Time Therapy’ a time to be still and connect with Soul. Published by Balboa Press.



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