Mindfulness & Yoga

Mindfulness, Yoga and meditation helps to improve our ability to take things in our stride and be comfortable with our own self, reduce stress and find balance in a busy world. It enhances our ability to be fully present and to build our own sense of personal power.

Mindfulness & Yoga session
Tuning into your Body

Flow & Flexability

Core Strength
Deep relaxation and body scan

Mindfulness practice

positive intention

Grounding and Centering Breath work

Creating peace inside


Warrior One: Strong Body/ Strong Mind

  • Warrior Yoga for a strong body and a strong mind.  
  • Charity offers group and one to one classes for adults and children. Charity has worked with children and teens for over 20 years, teaching independent living skills, nourishing self esteem and building confidence and resilience to enable young people to reach their full potential.    

Expertise in working with children and teenagers with special needs and learning difficulties, trained in Children’s First, SAMS, MAPA and TCI. Guarda clearance.

Charity Amy Murphy MA, BSsocSc HONs, Mind-Body-Spirit Teacher and Author.

Charity Amy Murphy is an international yoga and meditation teacher accredited with Yoga Alliance International

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