Soul-Time Therapy


non-profit on-line course – an opportunity to deepen your appreciation for life and to give back to the world a gift of love and prosperity.

Taking Time for you and sharing the love in your heart. 

Charity now offers readers the opportunity to deepen their “Soul-Time” journey with the new non profit 10 week ‘guidance support program’.

Each week you will be guided to further your own personal journey with a selection of hand picked exercises, meditations, mantra and affirmations prepared for you by Charity.

You will gain valuable feedback and guidance directly from Charity and given a chance in which to share how you are doing, asking any questions you may have and getting support and personal feedback on how to progress further in your own unique way.

This will all be facilitated through on-line platforms offering flexibility and opportunity of access where ever you are in the world… A wonderful opportunity to deepen your soul journey and take the next step in enhancing your own well-being and spiritual practice. 

Working through each chapter of Soul-Time Therapy you will be offered a time for reflection and a space in which to develop your own understanding of connecting with your Soul, healing your past and engaging in your creative power to manifest a life you truly love.

What you get: included in your 10 Week Soul-Time Program

  1. Introduction to Soul-Time Therapy and overview of the program.
  2. Chapter access of the book Soul-Time Therapy to print, keep and share.
  3. Regular Q&A correspondence in which you will gain feedback directly from Charity.
  4. Weekly check in Journal exercises.
  5. A weekly set of Affirmations to focus on and bring into your consciousness.
  6. A weekly Mindfulness in Minutes exercise to help instil peace and harmony in your week.
  7. A weekly Guided Meditation. 
  8. An opportunity to participate in building a focus group for positive change. 
  9. Access to Resource club offering resources and tools for learning.
  10. ‘Reflections of Soul’ – Facebook Group to share and inspire each other on the journey.

Places are limited, so please register your interest to secure your place on this special program.

Booking now open: non profit – Soul-Time Guidance course 

  • An opportunity to enrich your own life and that of others.
  • An opportunity to share your ‘Soul-Time’ experiences in my next project, a non profit book and documentary. ‘Reflections of Soul’
  • Participants on this guidance course are asked to pass it forward – by way of skills, community involvement or kind deeds to others.

To register your place please email Charity


“When we enrich our own lives, we enrich the world. When we bring peace and understanding within we move forward with light and grace. Let this be a time in which you re-set your course and come home to who you truly are, and lets together manifest a world of peace, beauty and joy”

I look forward to working with you ♥


Charity xxx

Now available on all good on-line book providers

Soul-Time Therapy’ by Charity Amy Murphy

Charity Amy Murphy is an international mind-body-spirit teacher, wellness coach and author of the book, ‘Soul-Time Therapy’, a time to be still and connect with Soul. Published by Balboa Press USA

Charity Amy Murphy, MA BSocSc, combines the spiritual philosophy of east and west with the practical principles of positive psychology to bring you a unique guide to your own personal and spiritual development.

Through this journey you will be gently guided to reconnect with heart, mind, spirit, soul and body. To identify and clear emotional blocks and negative thought patterns that may be holding you back and learn to work in harmony with the law of attraction in manifesting a life you truly love and start to bring a conscious awareness to your Soul Journey.

Live now how you wish to Live, be now how you dream to be. Heal your heart, balance your mind, free your spirit and connect with the wisdom and knowing of your Soul.

Balboa Press publishers of Soul-Time Therapy by Charity Amy Murphy

info on Guidance Program

Reconnect with your inner strength and find balance

The wisdom contained in these pages is beyond measure. It helped me protect my own energy, find balance, connect with my spirit and find the compassion, love and peace I was looking for. A great read — would definitely recommend picking up a copy. Andrea

A good companion on my way into myself

The book is an excellent companion, helping me to find myself and improve myself in the life I am living in. I found good suggestions how to follow my own development. The book is easy to read and easy to return to. I warmly recommend to anyone who is interested in finding ones Soul. Ulla Vierula

Totally Recommend

This book is so well written and structured I went through a journey whilst reading it. Totally recommend to all heart seekers. Anna Leslie

A beautiful book

A beautiful book guiding you through an important journey of self discovery. There is no one who wouldn’t benefit from reading this book. I’m feeling grounded, in control and calm with more time and patience for myself, magic. Melanie


Absolutely uplifting enlightening and a great read. Daniel

Awakening the Soul within

I felt this book engaged me into a deeper sense of self, awaking the true nature of the soul. Fintan Davitt

Highly recommend

Very practical and inspiring. Easy to read. I highly recommend this book. Brid Grady


Everyone should read this and take time to go deep into our own souls. Excellent. Michelle Taylor

Beautifully written

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this well-written book, which includes many beautifully written passages. Murphy expertly guides you gently, seamlessly, and enjoyably on your journey towards self-discovery. Highly recommend. Stephen



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Charity Amy Murphy



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