Wellness in the Workplace

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The Importance of Wellness has been at the forefront of the positive psychology field now for some time. A field of thinking that grew out of the progressive movements in life and spiritual practices that go back thousands of years in time. Themes like balance, harmony, peace, love, charity, care, are at the core of who we are as human beings and it is these qualities that shape our experience of life and bring connection and meaning. The increasing desire and need for life harmony is growing and is being recognised by people and society as a real and important necessity to experience an enriched life. The call for life harmony and planet harmony, people harmony and political harmony is deeply at the core of this generation and those from the past.

We all have a chance and opportunity to practice harmony in our own being and in our communities, families and work environment. The Wellness in the Workplace initiatives being spearheaded by conscious leaders in business and organisations around the world are a big step forward in reshaping how we do business and how we communicate with value at the forefront.

Now that message is spreading. Thanks to an increasing array of progressive companies and the people that are shaping them. Wellness in the workplace is now centre stage. Not just as a hook to entice talent to join their company… but to ACTUALLY care and foster a more inclusive and holistic way of work / life balance that cares and respects people and planet.

If you would like a consultation on designing a progressive and inclusive program in your workplace email me and we can discuss a vision plan that fits with your business ethos and values to support all involved in your organisation to flourish.






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