Mindfulness & Yoga sessions with Charity…

Body Scan & tension release, Gentle Stretch, Core Strength, Inner Balance…

followed by

…Deep Relaxation, Positive Intention and Mindfulness Practice.

Mindfulness, Yoga and meditation practice helps to improve our ability to take things in our stride and be comfortable with our own self. It enables us to reduce stress and find balance in a busy world and enhances our ability to be fully present and to build our own sense of personal power in a gentle and authentic way.

Having a regular practice supports the body and mind to strengthen and to become flexible, easing tension and facilitating a natural state of relaxation.

Charity Amy Murphy MA, BSsocSc HONs, Mind-Body-Spirit Teacher and Author

Charity is an international yoga and meditation teacher accredited with Yoga Alliance International. Her classes are deeply nourishing and empowering 🙂 She offers space and support to each student so that they can find their own best way to tune into and let their body move. 

Also running KIDS and TEEN classes & ADULT FLOW…


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